Tea Light Candle
Tea Light Candle
Tea Light Candle
Tea Light Candle

Tea Light Candle

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Natural honey-scented and golden colors candles are created by the bees. We add no color or scent to these candles. This being said color and scent may vary depending on bees and what they nectar.

Size: 1.5-2 oz

Height: Height 1cm Width: 3.5 cm 

Burn Time: 3-4 hours

NOTE: This candle must be burned in a tin cup on a fireproof surface. 

*Pairs well with our Tea Light Holder.

100% ethically sourced, pure beeswax made in the USA and chemical-free 100% cotton wicks.

*Tea light comes with a tin cup.

Never leave candle burning unattended

Burn on a fireproof surface

Place away from children, pets, drafts, and flammable items

Remember to trim the wick to a 1/4” length and center the wick for a clean and safe burn

Tea light candles are intended for a single use burn time.