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”Harmonious: forming a pleasing or consistent whole.”

Core Collection

Inspired by the earth's core, our Core Collection is a nod to the power and importance of the earth's magnetic field created by its inner and outer core.

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Star Collection

Known to relieve stress, connect one to nature, spark the creative instinct, Star Gazing can have a profound on one's life. Our Star Collection is a daily reminder of the importance to stop and look up at the stars.

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Crystal Collection

Intuition. Protection. Clarity. Serenity. Crystals are a powerful healing tool. Natural crystals that come from the Earth can form in as little as a few days to maybe a thousand years. Each vessel in our Crystal Collection is topped with a unique and powerful crystal.

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Moon Collection

Cycles of the Moon have been found to regulate changes in the levels of melatonin, which regulates sleep and wake. Our Moon Collection recognizes the importance of the moon in our daily lives.

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Cloud Collection

Clouds warm and dry the Earth's atmosphere and supply water to the surface by forming precipitation. The importance of clouds in our lives is monumental. Our Cloud Collection recognizes that importance and power.

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Desert Rain Collection

Dry desert conditions help promote the formation and concentration of important minerals like gypsum, potassium and other salts. Our Desert Collection is a tribute to this vital terrain.

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