Fern Pillar Candle
Fern Pillar Candle
Fern Pillar Candle
Fern Pillar Candle
Fern Pillar Candle
Fern Pillar Candle
Fern Pillar Candle

Fern Pillar Candle

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Natural honey-scented and golden colors candles are created by the bees. We add no color or scent to these candles. This being said color and scent may vary depending on bees and what they nectar.

Size: 16oz candle

Height: Height 16.5cm Width: 6cm

Burn Time: 80 hours

NOTE: This candle is free-standing and needs to be placed on a flat fireproof surface. 

*Pairs well with our Hexagon or Circular Coaster.

100% ethically sourced, pure beeswax made in the USA and chemical-free 100% cotton wicks.

Never leave candle burning unattended

Burn on a fireproof surface

Place away from children, pets, drafts, and flammable items

Don’t burn longer than 4 hours

Remember to trim the wick to a 1/4” length and center the wick for a clean and safe burn


TRIM THE WICK no shorter than 1/4 inch

WATCH THE FLAME - If you notice flickering, smoking or a carbon ball forming on the tip of your wick at any point, extinguish, trim the wick and relight.


After 3-4 hours of burn time the pillar will need to be hugged, as some of us do. This is to insure full use of wax and proper oxygenation to the wick.


When you see a mantle, which is the soft/thin edge of wax, gently “hug” [push] mantel toward wick leaving at least 1/4 of the wick exposed, do not cover the wick. If walls are a rather thick mantel and firmer to the touch, the candle needs more burn time before hugging, as some of us do. Hugging is necessary for a maximum life…of the 100% beeswax pillar candle. If tunneling occurs, there will be a lack of oxygen and your wick will eventually extinguish itself.


After extinguishing makes sure wick is centered to insure an even burn and clean off any debris that can clog the wick creating an imbalanced flame.

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